אלקטרודת כלור חופשי

Free Chlorine Analyzer – Model FC80

Pre-assembled system for measurement and control
One or two parameters: CI2, CIO2, O3 with PH or Redox (ORP)
Measuring amplifiers and controllers
The Conex® DIA -2Q (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced) is a dual
measuring amplifier and controller capable of continuous measurement
and control of two water quality parameters. Input from a flow meter
can also be used for combined compound-loop or proportional control.
• Intuitive plain text menu
• Back lit high resolution display
• Calibration function
• Temperature measurement and compensation
• Sensor data and calibration log
Measuring cell
• Potentiostatic measuring cell AQC-D11 (Aquacell)
• Integrated electrode for chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone
(gold or optional platinum)
• Location for pH or ORP/Redox electrode
• Sample water filter and flow regulator
• Sampling valve

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