Inexpensive positive displacement flowmeter mainly intended for measurement of oil and water fed to a boiler. Instantaneous and total flow indications are available in the field. Output signal is also available.•     High accuracy: ±0.5% RD (for oil), ±1.0% RD (for water)
•     High durability
•     Battery-powered model is also available (battery replaceable).
•     Instantaneous flow and total flow can be monitored

Model For oil For water
Standard For high temperature
Nominal size 20, 25, 40, 50mm 20, 25, 40mm 20, 25, 40, 50mm
Connection JIS 10K Flange, ASME 150 Flange JIS 10K Flange
Flow range * 7 to 24000L/h (6 types)* 14 to 6400L/h (4 types)* 200 to 12000L/h (4 types)
Operating temp. range 0 to 120°C 0 to 150°C 0 to 120 °C
Max. operating pressure 1.18MPa 0.98MPa 1.18MPa
(Still and flowing water)
Accuracy Within ±0.5% of reading Within ±1% of reading
Power supply DC-powered or battery-powered
Output Pulse
Configuration Non-explosionproof, IP53
Body material FC250 Stainless steel
Applicable fluids Kerosene oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc. Water
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