Sitrans FUE1010

Sitrans FUE1010

Sitrans FUE1010 CLAMP ON

SITRANS FUE1010 is a highly accurate clamp-on non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter for revenue grade thermal energy sub-metering and energy efficiency distribution monitoring, with a real time coefficient of performance (COP) for HVAC systems.
The SITRANS FUE1010 is being offered in single and dual channel/path configurations. There are two enclosures to choose from:  wall mount and portable. The meter is also available as a  pre-configured, portable  Energy Check Metering Kit dedicated for the HVAC industry

 Measuring range  ±12 m/s (±40 ft/s) bidirectional
 Nominal sizes  DN 6 to DN 9140 (0.25" to 360")
 Accuracy  ±0.5 to 1.0% at ≥0.3 m/s (1ft/s)
 Repeatability  ±0.15% at ≥0.3 m/s (1ft/s)
 Inputs  4 analog, 2-4 temperature
 Outputs  4 analog, 4 status, 4 frequency
 Communication HART, BACnet MSTP/BACnet IP, Modbus RTU/TCPIP, Ethernet IP, Johnson N2, VT100 RS232
 Ambient temperature  -18 to 60 °C (0 to 140 °F)
 Medium temperature  -40 to 230 °C (-40 to 450 °F)
 Enclosure ratings  Wall mount: IP65 (NEMA 4X)
Portable: IP40 (NEMA 1)
 Approvals  Wall mount: FM, CSA,  CE  Portable: UL, ULc,  CE

•    Allows measurement of both low flow rates and low differential temperatures
•    Includes various output options, including energy rate and total consumption
•    Minimizes capital cost by enabling simultaneous measurement of two pipes (dual channel)
•    Measures a wide variety of liquid applications
•    Accommodates shift in measurement technology necessitated by presence of high aeration or suspended solids (dual mode)

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