XRS-5 ultrasonic sensor

XRS-5 sensor

XRS-5 ultrasonic sensor

Echomax® XRS-5 ultrasonic transducer provides reliable, continuous level monitoring of liquids and slurries in narrow lift stations/ wet wells, flumes, weirs and filter beds using a beam angle of just 10° and a CSM rubber face.
The XRS-5 is non-contacting with a measuring range from 0.3 to 8 m (1 to 26 ft). Advanced echo processing ensures reliable data even in conditions with obstructions, turbulence and foam.

XRS-5 ultrasonic sensor
 Max. range  8 m (26 ft)
 Min. range  0.3 m (1 ft)
 Max. temp.  65 °C (149 °F)
 Frequency  44 kHz

•    Narrow beam angle of only 10°
•    Chemically resistant PVDF copolymer enclosure and CSM rubber face
•    Measuring range: 8 m (26 ft) for measurement of liquids and slurries.
•    Fully submersible: IP68 degree of protection
•    Easy installation with 1" NPT or R 1" BSPT connection

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