KEROMATE pd meter

A small-size high performance positive displacement flowmeter for managing the remainder of fuel oil tank, replenish period, and precisely measuring the consumption of fuel oil that is essential for billing the charge•     High accuracy: ±1.0% RD
•     High durability
•     Pattern approved model

Type LSN39P LSN41L
Connection Flared joint for 8-mm tube
Flow range 1 (0.1) to 10L/h * 3 (0.3) to 30L/h *
Operating temp.
–10 to +50°C
Max. operating
0.29MPa 0.098MPa
Accuracy Within ±1% of reading
Power supply Battery-powered
Body material Aluminum
Output 5-bit message, 8-bit message, unfactored drain pulse
Configuration Non-explosionproof, IPX4 or equivalent
Applicable fluids Kerosene oil, light oil Kerosene oil, light oil,
heavy oil (Less than 100 mPa·s)
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