SITRANS LVL100 vbrating switch liquid

SITRANS LVL100_vbrating_switch_liquid

SITRANS LVL100 is a compact vibrating level switch for use in liquid applications such as overflow, high, low and demand applications, as well as pump protection. It is ideal for use in confined spaces.
SITRANS LVL100 is a compact level switch designed for industrial use in all areas of process technology and can be used with liquids and slurries. With an insertion length of only 40 mm (1.57“), SITRANS LVL100 can be mounted in small pipes and confined space applications. It is also virtually unaffected by the chemical and physical properties of the liquid. The LVL100 can also be used in difficult conditions including turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation, buildup, or strong external vibration.
The tuning fork is piezoelectrically energized and vibrates at its mechanical resonance frequency of approximately 1200 Hz. The vibration frequency changes when the tuning fork is covered by the medium. This change is detected by the integrated oscillator and converted into a switching command. The integrated electronics evaluate the level signal and output a switching signal, directly operating connected devices.

Key Applications: For use in liquids and slurries, for level measurement, overfill, and dry run protection. Detail

 Range  40 mm (1.5”) insertion
 Process Temperature  -40 to 150 °C (-40 to 302 °F)
 Process Pressure  -1 to 64 bar g (-14.5 to 928 psi g)

Benefits•    Proven vibrating level switch technology for liquids
•    Compact insertion length of 40 mm (1.57”) for confined space applications
•    Fault monitoring for corrosion, loss of vibration, or line break to the piezo drive

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