Rotary plug valve BR 33


Rotary plug valve BR 33 The range of applications of the rotary plug valve BR 33 corresponds to the "normal" globe control valve, but it can also be used for many special applications. This valve is specifically used to regulate the flow of media containing solids in automated industrial installations.
The rotary plug valve is especially useful for the control of flow under conditions with high probability of cavitation and erosion. The BR 33 also has high rangeability (200:1), enabling larger control ranges. With the Kvs-value adjustments integrated into the associated rotary actuator BR 99, it is possible to achieve different opening angles of the rotary plug valve, leading to larger Kvs-values without the need to swap out seats and plugs. Features

Nominal sizes: DN 25; 40; 50; 80; 100; 150; DN200; DN250; DN300
Nominal pressure: PN10 – PN40 or ANSI 150; 300
Face to face DIN EN 60534-3-1 and DIN EN 60534-3-2 or ANSI B16.10
Temperature range: -40°C to+250°C (> higher temperatures after technical clarification)
Body materials: 1.0619 / WCB; 1.4408 / CF8M
Kvs-values of 1,0 up to 2160
Rangeability 200:1
Leakage classes (according to DIN EN 60534-4): IV (< 0,01 % Kvs); VI (bubble-tight)
Rotary plug (double eccentric – no breakaway torque), one-piece housing up to DN 150
Connections with flange or flangeless (sandwich)
Bi-directional flow possible
Special materials for extremly abrasive media
Bearing seal (retrofit)
Heating jacket
Outlet sleeve
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