FCT030 transmitter

Based on patented digital signal processing technology, the SITRANS FCT030 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements with enhanced efficiency, security and simplicity. It features a modular design for convenient installation and replacement, and can be remote or compact mounted with all SITRANS FCS400 sensor sizes.
FCT030 is approved for custody transfer and certified for safety critical applications up to SIL level 3. It is a universal transmitter suitable for all industries certified for hazardous areas with ATEX, IEC Ex and FM approvals.

•    Fast response to step changes in flow 
•    Fast dosing applications 
•    Entrained gas 
•    High immunity against process noise 
•    High turndown 
•    Easy to install commission and maintain
•    Graphical display– 240×160 pixel readout with up to 6 views, user programmable 
•    Accurate billing – redundancy digital output 90º/180º for billing or dosing control 
•    Custody transfer– CT approved system to OIML R117 
•    Dosing control – direct control of one or two on/off valves, or one analog valve for dosing applications 
•    Alarms & safety– advanced diagnosis and service menu enhances troubleshooting and validation 
•    Alarm handling – choice of Siemens or NAMUR standard configurations (NE21 and NE43) 
•    SensorFlash provides simple sensor replacement into existing transmitter

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