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Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 1816DO low level dissolved

oxygen analyzer is designed to continuously
analyze the oxygen across a wide variety of
low and trace level ppb level applications.
Highly accurate measurement performance
with proven reliability, the 1816DO analyzer
offers effective process control you can trust.
• Boiler Feed Water
• Ultra Pure Water
• Process Steam
• Deaerator Outlet
• Condensate
• Oxygen Feed Control for Plants Using
Oxygenated Treatment (OT)
• Measures low level dissolved oxygen
within ± 0.1 ppb
• Stable, drift resistance readings provide
months of reliable measurements
• Easy to install screw-on pre-bonded
Teflon membrane cap for fast
replacement in minutes
• Galvanic probe technology with
absolute zero oxygen ensures the
most accurate low range dissolved
oxygen readings
• One-button automatic calibration is
quick and simple
• Advanced diagnostics include fault
tolerance and dual programmable
alarms with self and sensor
diagnostic alert
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