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Polarographic Dissolved oxygen sensor

The S423 solves this problem by using an OPTIFLOW™ membrane. This membrane is very mechanically stable, is manufactured as a laminate around a steel mesh and is very resistant to chemically aggressive environments as well as high pressures. Thanks to the special construction of the measuring electrodes, this system also makes the sensor totally “maintenance free”.
Technical specifications 
Measuring range 40 ppb ÷ 40 ppm
Measuring methodmeasure of the electric current influenced by the oxygen partial pressure
Sensitivity40 ÷ 80 nA a 25 °C in air
Stabilization timetypical 15 min., max. 1 h
Required flow rate≥ 0.03 m/s
Required flow rateNTC 30 kOhm Oxysens W (NTC 22 kOhm Oxysens – optional )
Operating temperature0 ÷ 60°C
Maximum pressure0 ÷ 4 bar
Body materialStainless Steel 1.4435, PEEK, Silicon, NBR
Electrode materialSilver-Platinum combination
Membrane materialOPTIFLOW
Reference electrolyteAlkaline solution
Electrical connectorIntegral cable 5 mt
Connection to processPg 13.5 threaded
Polarisation current-670 +/- 50 mV
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