TC007 Industrial Turbidimeter

The Kemtrak TC007 is an easy to operate industrial process fiber optic turbidimeter designed to accurately measure the concentration of light scattering components. Measurements are real time and in-line.
​Long life solid state LED lamps and precision fiber optics are used to provide drift and noise free measurement at very high precision.
The Kemtrak TC007 can be configured to use the nephelometric method of turbidity measurement in accordance with International Standard ISO7027:1999(E). In this mode, a proprietary algorithm mathematically combines the ratio of attenuated and scattered light to accurately monitor the turbidity of the sample. Automatic compensation of sample color and fouling of the optical windows ensures trouble free operation.
Maintenance free measurement cells with scratchresistant sapphire windows have no electronics ormoving parts making the unit suitable for hazardousarea use.Benefits

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