ZABOCS Biologica l Odor Control Systems
ZABOCS® Biologica l Odor Control Systems
ZABOCS® Biofilter System
The ZABOCS® biofilter two stage odor control system
combines biofiltration with an integral activated carbon
or dry chemical media polishing stage for complete
odor removal.
The ZABOCS biofilter system can treat air flows up
to 5000 cfm (8500 m3/h), and H2S concentrations in
excess of 100 ppm.
The first stage 
uses a manufactured expanded clay
media as the substrate for the biomass. The media
bed is intermittently irrigated with water and nutrients
for optimum bacteria growth. The incoming air is prehumidified,
and passes through a unique air distribution
plenum to assure even air flow through the media bed.
The first stage removes 99% of the H2S as well as
removing other odorous compounds.

Second Stage
Activated carbon is used in the polishing stage to
trap VOC’s and insoluble organic compounds that get
through the first stage
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