Sanitary application משדר לחץ לתעשיית מזון

משדר לחץ לתעשיית מזון

SITRANS P DSIII / P300 Sanitary application

The SITRANS P300 is a digital pressure transmitter for relative and absolute pressure All conventional thread versions are available as process connections. In addition, various sanitary connections and flange connections with front-flush diaphragms
meet the requirements of a dead space free process connection.
High quality and service life
• High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
• Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions
• Small long-term drift
• Wetted parts made of high-grade materials (such as stainless steel, Hastelloy)
• Measuring range 0.1 psi to 5800 psi (0.008 bar to 400 bar)
• High measuring accuracy
• Parameterization via pusbuttons and HART communication and/or PROFIBUS PA communication or FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication
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