SITRANS P pressure transmitters, DS III series, are digital pressure
transmitters featuring extensive user-friendliness and high
accuracy. Parameterization is performed using input keys or by
means of HART communication.

Accuracy    ≤ 0.065 %
Long-Term Stability    ≤ 0.125 % / 60 months
Measuring range    0 – 1 mbar to 0 – 700 bar
•    Extensive diagnostics and simulation functions •    Suitable for installation in SIL 2 applications in accordance with IEC 61508 /IEC 61511. In the PROFIsafe version, it guaranteess maximum communication safety up to the control system level
•    Wide range of certification and approval e.g. ATEX EEx ia, EEx ib, Dust protection, FM, CS
•    Option of using a simulation function for loop check functions
•    Opens up a host of different bus communication options for you: HART, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIsafe or FF

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