Comprehensive product family in 2- and 4-wire versions, with BUS .communication and explosion protection

  • Robust plastic housing, also for outdoor applications
  • Display with colored backlighting for status diagnostics
  • Easy, icon-based operation
  • For digital Memosens and analog sensors
  • Large terminal compartment for easy installation.

With its exceptional range of functions and application-oriented design, the Stratos series is well-established in the entire chemicals industry, in process and power plant engineering and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Universal application options in indoor and outdoor areas, in all conceivable network architectures, and the virtually unlimited combination options with almost all commercial sensors for fluid analysis have made Stratos the standard product in national and international production systems.


Protos 3400

Universal measuring system with 3 user-selectable slots for measuring, extension, and communication modules. Also for use in hazardous areas.

The modular hardware and software concept of the Protos process analysis system allows the free combination of measuring, extension, and communication modules for flexible adaptation to any application.

Protos 3400 (X) – At One Glance

  • 4-wire explosion-protected system with active outputs; suited for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • Stainless steel enclosure, either with hygienically optimized surface or corrosion-proof powder coating
  • Modular hardware and software concept
  • Measurement with analog or Memosens sensors
  • Memory card for storage and transfer of configurations, software updates, and measurement data
  • VariPower 20 … 265 V AC/DC power supply for worldwide use
  • 2 current outputs and 4 relay contacts as standard
  • Low-reflection graphic display, white backlighting
  • NAMUR-compliant user interface
  • ProgaLog 3000 configuration tool – for complete configuration and documentation
  • 2-channel measurement recorder
  • Parameter set selection
  • HOLD function
  • KI recorder signals faulty processes
  • Sensocheck sensor monitoring
  • ServiceScope noise level monitoring
  • Sensor network diagram
  • Adaptive cal timer
  • Wear diagram
  • Logbook
  • Data recording and backup according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Tolerance band recorder
  • Profibus PA / FOUNDATION Fieldbus


Protos II 4400

Modular premium transmitter for all requirements. Versatile. Expandable. Ensuring process safety.

Protos II 4400 (X) is a flexible, 4-wire device for the following process variables: pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen.

For monitoring and controlling processes even in the most complex applications — also in hazardous areas.

Facts and Features

  • Stainless steel design with hygienically optimized surface. Ideal for pharmaceutical or food production
  • Stainless steel design with corrosion-proof powder coating for harsh industrial areas
  • Universal broad-range power supply 24 … 230 V AC/DC
  • Rugged; can also be used outdoors with IP 65 protection and UV resistance
  • Panel, wall or post/pipe mounting
  • High-contrast graphic LC display
  • USB memory card concept for data recording, firmware updates, and Audit Trail
  • Freely combinable measuring, control, and communication modules




Maximum Performance in a Minimum of Space

The compact MemoRail and MemoRail Modbus multiparameter transmitters offer an attractively priced solution in process analytics with a broad range of applications. They are perfectly suited for use in numerous industry segments, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, or energy.

Because of their narrow modular housing, these DIN rail devices are ideal for installations where space is limited.

Plug & Measure
Pre-calibrated Memosens and digital sensors reduce operating costs and maximize the availability of the measuring point.

MemoRail is the first genuinely compact, digital analyzer for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature with Memosens and digital sensors.

  • Space-saving modular housing
  • Multiparameters: measurement of pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature
  • Multi-channel version for digital and contactless Memosens sensors
  • Communication: 4-20 mA or Modbus RTU protocol
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches
chemitec 50-min

Chemitec 50 Series

Complete and flexible system for a wide range of
applications in watertreatment with easy to use software and
automatic recognition of sensors: available in two
configurations, with up to two (2) and up to four (4)
simultaneous measurements, freely selectable.
Equipped with two RS485 serial ports: one (1) for sensors
with RS485 digital interface and MODBUS RTU protocol
and one (1) opto-isolated for the connection with the
communication devices (Setup Computer, Remote Control
Terminals etc.) of the local networks.
Incorporates a Real Time Clock (clock with date) which
allows the software to archive the data chronologically to the
flash memories also used for storing LOG files of the events.


Dissolved Oxygen
Suspended Solids
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Peroxide
Peracetic Acid
(Nitrates (ISE
(Ammonia (ISE

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