Ph transmitter


Multi input intelligent process analyzer
Up to 4 inputs
Free programmable ph, conductivity, turbidity, oxygen , suspended solids
Wide range of process application
IP 66 Water proof design
Variety of communications
Ex proof application
Possibility of connection analog and digital sensors
2 years warranty
chemitec 50-min

Chemitec 50 Series

Complete and flexible system for a wide range of
applications in watertreatment with easy to use software and
automatic recognition of sensors: available in two
configurations, with up to two (2) and up to four (4)
simultaneous measurements, freely selectable.
Equipped with two RS485 serial ports: one (1) for sensors
with RS485 digital interface and MODBUS RTU protocol
and one (1) opto-isolated for the connection with the
communication devices (Setup Computer, Remote Control
Terminals etc.) of the local networks.
Incorporates a Real Time Clock (clock with date) which
allows the software to archive the data chronologically to the
flash memories also used for storing LOG files of the events.


Dissolved Oxygen
Suspended Solids
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Peroxide
Peracetic Acid
(Nitrates (ISE
(Ammonia (ISE

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