Low range turbidity measurement cell

עכירות מי שתיה

Low range turbidity measurement cell

Ultra low range started from 0.01 NTU
Including de-bubbling system
Pre-calibrated measurement   cell
Meets USEPA methods 180.1
2 years  light source warranty
135 ml ONLY sample chamber
Resolution 0.001 NTU 
General features
Turbidity refers to the scattered
component of a light beam which is
diverted away from its natural course
e by optically denser particles in the
medium (e.g. solid matter particles).
The measurement is
performed by using a 90°
scattered light method
compliant with ISO 7027 /
EN 27027.
The measuring method is
based on the Tyndall effect.
The turbidity of the medium
is determined by the
amount of scattered light.
Untreated water and well
water, surface water,
drinking water, process
water, industrial and
municipal wastewater
Available versions with
PVC body, with 4÷20mA
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