Active carbonExceptionally high H2S loading capacity
• Longer bed life means fewer service interruptions, lower O & M costs• High ignition temperature• Not impregnated, safe to handle Description
Midas® OCM is unlike any other odor control media that is available in the
marketplace today. A special manufacturing process which combines selected
active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal gives Midas OCM an
extraordinarily high H2S breakthrough capacity. This odor control media is not
impregnated and therefore does not suffer the serious drawbacks associated with
alkali-impregnated carbons. Midas OCM has an ignition temperature that is similar
to virgin coal-based carbons (>450°C) and since it is not impregnated with a
strong alkali, is much safer to load, start-up and remove from an adsorber system.
Midas OCM is a high surface area macroporous media with a large pore volume.
The lack of an impregnant means all of Midas OCM’s pore volume and surface
area are available for storing the sulfur produced during the catalytic oxidation of
H2S and for the adsorption of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be
present in the gas stream. The high H2S and acidic gas loading capacity of Midas
OCM is not affected by the presence of high CO2 levels. The 4mm pellet diameter
offers a low pressure drop to gas flows and a superior hardness offers excellent
resistance to dust and fines formation.

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