Cera Clean​


• Sample preparation system for on-line Monitors• Separation of particles, colloids and high-molecular substances A sample stream of 2 – 4 m3/h is pumped through the CeraClean. The filtrate passes the special filter tube and is pumped to the analyzer. Blockages are minimised by a special cross flow filter, and automatic back-flushing extends the filter life to several weeks between cleaning. CeraClean is specially designed for low energy consumption and low maintenance costs, which are provided by the automatic cleaning and a small feed pump. Applications• Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants• Degreasing baths • Sludge• Automatic washing installations• Landfill seepage water
AdvantagesCeraClean advantages compared to other filters:• Low dead volume gives rapid response time• Robust construction for long life• Resistant to strong chemicals• Long cleaning intervals• Small installation size• Low energy consumption• Low operating costs• Supplied premounted for easy installation

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